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Pair of sharp-tailed grouse

Conservation > Habitat 2022 UGBEP Projects Access Guide

The 2022 UGBEP Project Access Guide (text version only) and project maps are available below to view and download during the 2022 hunting season.

Hunters will find it useful to download and print the text version to accompany the project maps. The text version includes project information such as project type(s), access acres, and methods used to obtain permission to hunt. 

New projects may be added throughout the year. To find up to date and current project information, please visit FWP's Hunt Planner

Want a hard copy? Have one mailed to you. The 2022 Project Access Guides will be mailed out and available in regions late August.  

2022 UGBEP Projects Access Guide

2022 UGBEP Map Index

The Map Index provides hunters with a statewide overview of project locations relative to Montana's counties. See Detailed Map Index (link below) to view projects located in specific counties.


To download georeferenced project maps, refer to the Map Index image and select the Map Page # from the list below.

Map index image