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Get your licenses and permits for fishing, hunting, floating and more.

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Montana's 55 state parks offer an endless array of opportunity and connection outside.

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Restrictions & Closures

FWP land, waterbody, angling and fire restrictions and closures across Montana.

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Public Comment Opportunities

Fish, Wildlife & Parks offers various opportunities for the public to comment on issues, rules, grants, environmental assessments, land acquisition, development or enhancement projects, council recommendations, hunting and fishing regulations, etc. that FWP manages.

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Field Trips

The day in the life of a Montana Game Warden

Montana’s diverse landscape harbors unparalleled wildlife resources, attracting hunters and anglers from all corners of the world. For Montana FWP, game warden Andy Matakis, enforcing fish and game laws and maintaining the safety of the public are top priorities.

Interested in becoming a game warden?

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Montana Outdoors Magazine

Wolverine Watcher

An 83-year-old volunteer is changing what we know about the state’s rarest large carnivores.

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Wolverine Watcher