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Fish, Wildlife & Parks offers various opportunities for the public to comment on issues, rules, grants, environmental assessments, land acquisition, development or enhancement projects, council recommendations, hunting and fishing regulations, etc. that FWP manages.

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Next Best 100: #48 Watch a Meteor Shower

Meteor showers occur when Earth passes through a stream of particles shed by asteroids or comets. When these tiny “space rocks” hit our atmosphere at high speed, they vaporize, creating what we call shooting stars. The most visible meteor showers are typically the Perseids and Leonids.

When: The Perseids peak August 11–12 each year at more than one meteor per minute. The Leonids meteor shower peaks November 17 each year. The best nights are cloudless with no or little moon.

Where: The darker the sky, the better. Drive at least 30 minutes from any city or town to escape urban light pollution.

Suggested by Melanie Fillister, Billings

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#48 Watch a Meteor Shower

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