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Habitat landscape

Conservation Habitat

Habitat is the KEY to fish and wildlife management in Montana. 

One can't talk about an animal without referring to its habitat. This is especially true when trying to manage the survival of the animal. The term "habitat" simply refers to the place where an organism lives and must include food, water, shelter (cover), and space to live. Our fish and wildlife cannont exist without these elements.

Wildlife Habitat

Flathead Lake wetland bird habitat

Habitat Conservation

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Whitefish Lake Watershed Project

Habitat Mitigation

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Habitat Publications

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Fisheries Habitat

Community Pond Program

Community Pond Program

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Future Fisheries

Future Fisheries Improvement Program

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River rocks and water

Water Management

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Noxious Weed Management


Noxious Weed Management in Montana

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Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program

Leafy Spurge

Identify some common noxious weeds found in Montana

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