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releasing hawk

Conservation Montana Wild's Wildlife Center

MT WILD’s Wildlife Center rehabilitates 150–200 animals annually.

The Center also makes over 25,000 public contacts with its live bird education programs, including the nationally recognized Veteran Program that has served over 1,000 veterans recovering from PTSD and substance abuse issues.

The Wildlife Center is closed to the public to minimize stress on the wildlife we care for and prevent them from becoming habituated (used to people).

Questions? If you have questions or concerns pertaining to the Wildlife Center please call 406-444-9942 or email Ali Pons, Wildlife Center Program Manager, at

Learn More About The Center

medical exam on small black bear

Learn how the Center helps take care of Montana’s wildlife

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Get introduced to some of the Center's educational birds

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Find out who manages the Rehab Center

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Learn how you can help

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Meet some of the folks who help at the Center

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Find an injured or orphaned animal?

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