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Hawk in Montana.

FWP offers Montana schools grant funds to visit the Montana WILD Education Center at Spring Meadow Lake State Park in Helena Montana Wild Transportation & Lodging Grants

About the Program

FWP is offering Montana schools (4th-12th grades) grant funds to visit the new Montana WILD - Education Center located at Spring Meadow Lake State Park in Helena, MT. The goal of this grant program is to assist “outlying” schools to come and learn at Montana WILD.

Purpose of the Grant

Montana WILD is a statewide facility. Our goal is to reach 4th-12th grades students statewide and provide them outdoor recreation and conservation education. The legislature helped us in achieving this goal by appropriating funds ($25,000/year) for outlying school districts to visit Montana WILD.


  • MT WILD Grant Program Description 2020-2021 
  • Outlying school districts are 50+ miles/one way from MT Wild
  • Schools can apply for up to $2,500/school for reimbursement of transportation & lodging costs.
  • Schools must be 150+ miles one way from MT Wild to be reimbursed for lodging costs.

Apply for the Grant

The grant program is managed online through Montana Grants & Loans (Web Grants) at Follow the instructions on the document below to register for Web Grants. Once registered you will be able to apply for the Transportation and Lodging Grant by logging in, going to funding opportunities, and selecting MT Wild School Transportation Grant 2020-2021 School Year.

How to Register in Web Grants 

Contact Corie Rice with any questions: