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FWP Game Warden truck on a snowy hillside

About FWP Law Enforcement

The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Law Enforcement Division provides modern professional conservation law enforcement services to the people of Montana for the purpose of the stewardship and protection of Montana’s fish, wildlife, parks, and outdoor recreational resources in order to preserve the quality of life and outdoor traditions of present and future generations.

About FWP Law Enforcement

Learn about becoming a warden and the work they do.


Enforcement K9 Program

In 2018 FWP Enforcement launched a pilot program to test the effectiveness of K9 units. These warden K9 teams are used across the state to assist investigations by locating evidence.

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FWP Wardens and K9 companions

WSBAA 2022 – 60th Annual Conference


StoryMap: State of Montana

Montana is a very diverse state. The Rocky mountains rise from the west and slowly give way to the prairies of the east. A changing landscape creates multiple habitats, landscapes and opportunities for recreation. Our state is rich in wildlife and natural resources.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks manages holds these resources in trust for the benefit of all Montana's present and future, while remembering our past heritage. 

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