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About FWP Public Comment Opportunities

Fish, Wildlife & Parks offers a variety of opportunities for the public to comment on issues, rules, grants, environmental assessments, land acquisitions, development or enhancement projects, hunting and fishing regulations, and more that FWP administers.

Public participation is essential to our processes and decisions. To sign up for FWP news and information updates, click here.

Elk Management Citizen Advisory Group Recommendations

The Elk Management Citizen Advisory Group met 10 times to develop a suite of recommendations on improving elk management in Montana. These recommendations were analyzed by FWP staff who looked at what it would take to implement each recommendation, both in terms of cost and capacity.

Comments on the recommendations will be collected until Friday, October 14, 2022 at 5 p.m.

Elk Plan Public Scoping

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is in the process of revising the statewide Elk Management Plan last adopted in 2005. At this step in the revision, FWP is seeking input on the existing elk population objectives and local elk management challenges that should be considered in the update.

Madison River Recommendations

FWP is seeking comments from the public on a set of recommendations for commercial-use and recreation management on the Madison River, one of the most popular fisheries and recreation destinations in the state.