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A view of the Big Hole River valley.

About FWP Montana Outdoors - 2019 issues

January-February 2019

Cover image
The 38th Annual Photo Issue

This serene cover shot was taken by photographer Kevin League of Helena, MT.

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March-April 2019

Cover image

An Act of Finding Common Ground - Showing bipartisan cooperation, Congress advances landmark legislation that could rescue vulnerable wildlife species. Full story 

Sniffing Around - FWP investigates the benefits of using K9 companions to assist with game law enforcement. Full story

Behind the Curtain - Montana's state parks system is struggling, even as employees do all they can to keep sites clean, accessible, and enjoyable. Full story

Far More Than Fishing - Considering the wide variety of water- and land-based outdoor recreation and wildlife habitats these riparian areas provide, Montana’s “fishing access” sites may be due for a new name. Full story

Montana's Conservation Heroes - Representing a mix of occupations and approaches, the newest inductees into the Montana Outdoor Hall of Fame embody a common vision of protecting the lands, waters, and wildlife that make Montana the last best place. Full story

The Amazing Spider Silk- From catching insects to inspiring revolutionary medical devices, this remarkable material is worthy of a superhero. Full story


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May-June 2019

Cover image

They Swam Beneath Dinosaurs - For 70 million years, paddlefish have lived in what is today Montana. Here’s how FWP is helping this amazing fish species thrive in the most challenging era of its existence. Full story 

Pretty Little Predators - Dragonflies are lovely to look at. Unless you’re a mosquito or other prey. Full story

Rebirth of the Upper Clark Fork - No one can make a new river...Except maybe they can. Full story

Straight from the Source- Five expert Montana fly-fishing guides identify the most common errors they see—and how to correct them. Full story

Working the Walleye Factory - Fresno produces more of these delicious fish per acre than any other reservoir in Montana. Here’s how to put some in your cooler. Full story


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July-August 2019

Cover image

Ain't She a Butte? -  Full story 

A Little Goes a Long Way - FWP, landowners, and private conservation groups are working to keep just a bit more water in spawning tributaries—the natural “hatcheries” of Montana’s storied trout rivers. Full story

Wet and Wild - See record-book bighorn rams? Nap on a beach? Leap into crystal-clear water? Whatever your fancy, a visit to Flathead Lake State Park should be on everyone’s list of must-do summer adventures. Full story

What We're After - Finding fish and solace at FWP's family ponds. Full story

Deceptively Dangerous - Low-head dams don’t seem hazardous—until you’re trapped underwater beneath one. Full story

Exceeding Expectations - While not offering much for Montana’s dispirited CRP fans, the 2018 Farm Bill’s other land and water conservation programs will provide tens of millions of dollars to help farmers, ranchers, wildlife, and public recreational access in the state’s prairie region. Full story


Full July-August Issue



September-October 2019

Cover image

Solving Montana's Moose Mysteries- FWP researchers search for answers to help conserve these popular big game animals in the face of rising temperatures, shrinking habitat, and more predators. Full story 

Quick Release - The odds of your dog ever becoming caught in a trap or snare are slim. Even so, you might want to know where the devices are typically placed, how they work, and, in the unlikely event your dog gets caught, how to set it free. Full story

Where the West Comes Alive - A national historic landmark and one of Montana's premier tourist attractions, Bannack State Park preserves the essence of a frontier gold mining town with all its glory, hardship, and heartbreak. Full story

Postcard from CWD Country - One hunter’s message to the rest of Montana—and visiting hunters—on ways to think about hunting, field dressing, and consuming venison in (and from) areas where this troubling disease has finally appeared. Full story

Using "Zone Defense" to Contain CWD - Montana’s approach to slowing the spread of the deadly deer disease combines surveillance, testing, transportation restrictions, and increased harvest in key areas. Full story


Full September-October Issue


November-December 2019

Cover image

The Wankle T. Rex Makes "The Show" - How Montana’s most famous prehistoric predator ended up starring in a premier Smithsonian Institution exhibit. Full story 

Searching for Something They Don't Want to Find - FWP and partner groups search Montana caves for signs of a disease that has killed millions of bats across the United States. Full story

The Greatest Divide - How the Continental Divide shapes Montana’s weather, landscape, economy, and culture. Full story

Frigid Feathers - The ingenious ways birds stay warm through Montana’s long, cold winters. Full story

Grim Future for a Festive Bird? - FWP biologists and others track harlequin ducks to learn why populations appear to be declining. Full story


Full November-December Issue