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Madison River

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FWP is seeking comments from the public on a set of recommendations for commercial-use and recreation management on the Madison River, one of the most popular fisheries and recreation destinations in the state.  

The recommendations were developed by a 12-person work group representing a variety of interests that the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission tasked with looking at management solutions for commercial use and recreation on the Madison.

The work group finalized its recommendations in May and presented them to the commission in June. Instead of initiating rulemaking, the commission then directed FWP to seek comments from a broader public on the recommendations for a longer comment period than the rulemaking process requires. FWP will report back to the commission on Dec. 16.


Commercial Recommendations


Non-Commercial Recommendations


Supplemental Information

Public Meetings

FWP staff will also host several meetings to share information about the recommendations and answer questions. Comments on the recommendations won’t be recorded at the meetings, but attendees will be given information on how to submit comments. Meetings will be in the following locations, each beginning at 6 p.m.:

  • Sept. 6: Bozeman Comfort Inn, 1370 N. 7th Ave.

  • Sept. 7: Ennis Elementary School cafeteria, 223 Charles Ave.

  • Sept. 8: West Yellowstone Convention and Visitors Bureau, 30 Yellowstone Ave.

  • Sept. 13: Butte - Montana Tech Student Union Building in Butte, 1300 W. Park St., room 204

  • Sept. 14: Virtual meeting via Zoom - Watch Recordin


Public Comment

Deadline: Public comments had to be subitted by Oct. 14, 2022