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Madison River

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In accordance with the Madison River recreation administrative rule, which was adopted last year by the Fish and Wildlife Commission, the 12-person work group will be made up by three commercial outfitters with current Madison River Special User Permits, three non-commercial river users, two people with Madison Valley business interests that are not connected to commercial outfitting, one person trained in natural resource management not employed by FWP, one at large person, a Fish and Wildlife Commissioner, and a representative from the Bureau of Land Management. 

The work group will specifically focus on developing recommendations to the commission regarding: 

  • The allocation of commercial-use trips to outfitters.
  • A process to permit new outfitters on the Madison River.
  • Rule language to address all recreational use on the Madison River, including the walk/wade and rest/rotation sections.
  • Consequences of permit violations.


Live Meeting

When: Tuesday, November 23 from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Where: Fish, Wildlife & Parks Region 3 Office, 1400 South 19th, Bozeman

Meeting Materials


Additional Information/Resources

Meeting: September 8, 2021

Meeting Agenda (PDF)



Meeting: September 22, 2021

Meeting Agenda (PDF)



Meeting: November 10, 2021

Documents Being Considered By The Workgroup


FWP Commissioner K.C. Walsh - Chair

Mike Bias

Brian McGeehan

John Sampson

Zach Brown

Richard Gockel

Allison Treloar

Mac Minard

Daniel Larson

Christopher Dimichele

Jim Hart

Chris McGrath