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FWP Game Warden truck and TIPMONT trailer

Law Enforcement TIP-MONT

Natural resource crime is a major detriment to Montana’s natural resources and outdoor heritage.

TIP-MONT program logo


The Tipmont program is the country’s premier natural resources crime reporting hotline.

If you have possible information regarding natural resources crimes such as poaching, vandalism, littering, cultural resource theft, or other resource crimes, please contact TIP-MONT. Anybody reporting a crime can remain completely anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000.



To Report a Violation

Additional Reward Money

Additional funds can be donated to increase award offerings. Donations are handled through the Montana Outdoor Legacy Foundation. If you are interested in making a donation, please visit the foundation website for more information.

International Wildlife Crimestoppers

TIP-MONT is a proud member of the International Wildlife Crimestoppers Inc.

Learn more at:

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TIP-MONT Trailer

The TIP-MONT trailer is a mobile education display that features cases from around Montana that resulted from information provided by the public. This trailer is a great way to see firsthand the damage done by poaching. If you are interested in having the TIP-MONT trailer at your event, please contact Brian Shinn at 444-4039 or