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A view of the Big Hole River valley.

About FWP Montana Outdoors - 2022 issues

January-February 2022

Cover image
The 41st Annual Photo Issue

Cover photo by Charles Renfro.

Full January-February Issue



March-April 2022

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West Side Story: How a group of biologists and grouse devotees are returning sharptails to restored grasslands on the other side of the Continental Divide. Full story 

Stymied: A grizzly’s blocked journey highlights the need for more wildlife road crossings. Full story

The Lower Yellowstone's Untapped Potential: New funding and growing interest are fueling unprecedented recreational opportunities for this remote, scenic stretch of Montana’s longest free-flowing river. Full story

Surviving a Prairie Ocean Adventure: How to get to, camp at, fish on, and return from a Fort Peck Reservoir angling expedition—and live to tell about it. Full story

How to Win the Big Game Lottery: Making sense of Montana’s complex limited-license drawing system. Full story

Filling the Gaps: Montana’s Outdoor Legacy Foundation allows people to help fund FWP’s grizzly, raptor, access, and nongame wildlife programs. Full story


Full March-April Issue



May-June 2022

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Cultural Clash: Growing recreational use threatens Lewis and Clark and Indian history preservation and interpretation at Travelers’ Rest State Park. Full story 

Leave It to Beavers: A southwestern Montana community joins forces to bring a legendary trout stream back to life.  Full story

Trout Streams on Steroids: Formed by ancient crustacean and mollusk fossils, limestone produces some of Montana’s most productive trout waters. Full story

Leaving Some for the Fish: Conservation-minded ranchers helped save trout and Arctic grayling by giving up precious water during last year’s record-breaking drought. Full story

Underwater Investigation: Freshwater snorkeling and scuba diving reveal the habits, habitats, and numbers of Montana’s fish. Full story


Full May-June Issue