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The Beartooth Scenic Highway

About FWP Montana Outdoors - 2021 issues

January-February 2021

Cover image
The 40th Annual Photo Issue

Cover photo by Brett Swain.

Full January-February Issue



March-April 2021

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The 50th Anniversary Issue


Full March-April Issue



May-June 2021

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Small River, Big Fish - For years, the diminutive Beaverhead River produced phenomenal numbers of massive brown trout. Can those glory days ever return? Full story 

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Poindexter Slough - A southwestern Montana community joins forces to bring a legendary trout stream back to life.  Full story

When Plants Fight Back - Defensive strategies of wild vegetation. Full story

A Beginner's Guide to Montana Mushrooming - Expert advice on what—and what not—to pick and eat. Full story

Finding a Pulse for Pallids - Why a brief surge from Fort Peck Dam mimicking natural spring runoff could help restore life to Montana’s rarest fish species. Full story

It's Not Easy Being Green - Montana’s amphibians have not escaped the die-offs plaguing much of the world. But some species are getting a boost from actions by tribal, state, and other wildlife programs. Full story


Full May-June Issue



July-August 2021

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Seize the Carp - Embracing the fly-fishing challenge posed by this alien import. Full story 

"Sold!" - Big dollars for Montana's special auction tags produce major gains for big game conservation and habitat.  Full story

A Healthy Dose of Nature - Hiking, fishing, bird watching, and otherwise enjoying Montana's parks, trails, and other public lands can improve our physical and mental well-being. Full story

Seeking Calm Waters - Navigating a legal and respectful route through private and public rights on a Montana river. Full story

On the Prowl - How FWP crews, partner organizations, volunteers, anglers, boaters, and others search for aquatic invasive species to help prevent their spread. Full story

Birds and a Barn - The North Shore Wildlife Management Area conserves critical waterfowl habitat while preserving a piece of the Flathead Lake region's agricultural heritage. Full story


Full July-August Issue



September-October 2021

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Short-Range Options for Big Game Hunts - Weapons restriction areas provide opportunities for hunters who don’t need to take the long shot. Full story 

Tracking Wildlife's Ups and Downs - What FWP biologists learn when they monitor populations and individual animals.  Full story

The Finders and the Fetchers - The joys of hunting (and living) with pointing and retrieving dogs. Full story

A Fast, Fun Shoot - Mourning doves hang around Montana for only a short time each September. Here’s how to take advantage of that brief bird-hunting window. Full story

(Cautiously) Bringing Bighorns Back - For the first time in 17 years, FWP and partners have returned wild sheep to historical habitats. Full story


Full September-October Issue



November-December 2021

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Martens Come Home - FWP and trappers team up to restore native furbearers to their historical habitat in the Little Belt Mountains. Full story 

Hunting With a Friend - Don’t be afraid to knock on a landowner’s door. You never know where it might lead.  Full story

Moving Right Along - How FWP, landowners, and conservation groups help ease the way for wildlife to migrate and move seasonally from one habitat to another. Full story

From Warrior to Warrior - Crow leader Chief Plenty Coups will be among those honored in November at the centennial of the dedication of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Full story

Big Cats, Big Territories - How new DNA technology, spatial science, and computer modeling are helping FWP adjust mountain lion numbers to where Montanans want them. Full story


Full November-December Issue