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A view of the Big Hole River valley.

About FWP Montana Outdoors - 2018 issues

January-February 2018

Cover image
The 37th Annual Photo Issue

This cover shot was taken by Kalon Baughan.

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March-April 2018

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Bursting at the Seams - Whether or not the ever-expanding Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem grizzly population is delisted, FWP will continue to resolve problems between bears and people. Full story 

This is Not Okay - FWP teams up with Teton Raptor Center to prevent birds from dying a slow, horrific death in outhouses at state parks and fishing access sites across Montana. Full story

Happy Cows, Happy Trout - How a watershed coordinator, a rancher, and an FWP fisheries biologist found a way to conserve water and restore habitat on a Madison River tributary. Full story

Ready, Willing, and Able - Volunteers offer their time, expertise, and passion to help visitors enjoy Montana state parks. Full story

Counting Wolves by Phone - How scientists at the University of Montana, FWP, and the U.S. Geological Survey created a more accurate and cost-effective way to monitor the state’s wolf population. Full story


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May-June 2018

Cover image

Searching for Snipe - Thought by many to be a fictional creature, Wilson’s snipe is actually a common—though extraordinary—shorebird found across the state. Full story 

An Upstream Struggle - Two decades after the bull trout was listed as federally threatened, FWP and others continue working to conserve this sensitive salmonid in the face of warmer water, competing fish species, and degraded habitat. Full story

Forever Free to Flow - Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act—in the state where it all began. Full story

One-Stop Shop - The new FishMT web application provides everything FWP knows about Montana’s fish and fisheries in a single, easy-to-use online location. Full story

Grace - Fishing photo essay Full story


Full May-June Issue



July-August 2018

Cover image

Intact - How a 10-year FWP project protects one of the nation’s largest populations of pure-strain westslope cutthroat trout. Full story 

Meet the AIS "Pit Crews" - With the speed and professionalism of NASCAR support teams, aquatic invasive species inspectors make sure boaters don’t transport unwanted plants and animals into Montana’s lakes, reservoirs, and rivers. Full story

A Century of Saving Birds - Since 1918, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act has protected winged wildlife from wanton destruction. A new legal opinion could weaken it. Full story

Connecting People to Great Places - For the past 50 years, the National Trail System Act has created a network of trails across the United States. Those and locally created routes in Montana benefit communities, residents, and visitors. Full story

Water Wolves - Love ’em or hate ’em, there’s no denying that northern pike are one of Montana’s most fascinating fish. Full story


Full July-August Issue



September-October 2018

Cover image

What Duck is That? - Waterfowl hunters are legally required to identify the species and even gender of the birds they shoot. For everyone else, it’s just fun to know which duck is which. Full story 

Lose Weight Now! Ask Me How! - I can help you lose 10 pounds, no dieting required. Full story

Up and Running - After a shaky start, Spotted Dog WMA is working out well for hunters, nearby landowners, and wildlife. Full story

Searching for Swift Foxes - FWP biologists in eastern Montana look for a small carnivore making a big comeback in much of its historic range. Full story

Containing the Spread - How FWP is working to keep chronic wasting disease—now confirmed in two areas of Montana—from moving elsewhere in the state. Full story

Life After CRP- FWP offers new upland habitat lease options to help cure eastern Montana’s upland bird–hunting blues. Full story


Full September-October Issue



November-December 2018

Cover image

The Healthy Goose - Each year the outdoor recreation industry produces “golden eggs” worth more than $7 billion to Montana’s economy. Are we reinvesting enough into natural resources, infrastructure, and conflict resolution to sustain that economic bounty? Full story 

Becoming Better - AmeriCorps workers improve themselves—and their job prospects— while helping make Montana’s state parks better places to visit. Full story

Better Fishing Tomorrow - FWP’s Future Fisheries Improvement Program betters angling across Montana by restoring and enhancing the places where fish live and reproduce. Full story

Get Out in It - Photo essay. Full story

Where are the Wolverines? - In an unprecedented multistate survey, biologists found the forest carnivores everywhere they thought they should be—along with a few surprises. Full story


Full November-December Issue