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A view of the Big Hole River valley.

About FWP Montana Outdoors - 2017 issues

January-February 2017

Cover image
The 36th Annual Photo Issue

This cover shot was taken by photographer Chris McGowen of Helena, MT.

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March-April 2017

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Breathing Room - After decades, bison are finally allowed to roam year round outside of Yellowstone National Park. Full story 

Soft Landings - How can duck and goose hatchlings survive falls of 50 feet or more? Full story

What about the Others? - A popular new bipartisan bill working its way through Congress could kick-start Montana into caring about the majority of its wildlife species. Full story

My Favorite Tax - For decades, we hunters, shooters, and archers have been paying a federal surcharge that helps conserve elk, bighorn sheep, geese, grouse, and other wildlife. If you didn’t know that, you’re not alone. Full story

Mussell Loss - What can we do about the western pearlshell’s steady decline? Full story

Securing Homes for Montana's Wildlife - For 30 years, Habitat Montana has conserved living places for game, nongame, and endangered species. Will it survive? Full story


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May-June 2017

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A Fresh Look at Fisheries - Montana’s new fisheries chief talks about illegal stocking, invasive species, and why native fish are such a priority. Full story 

From Banning TNT to Scanning DNA - What 100-plus years of fisheries management says about Montana and its people. Full story

The Big Day - Behind the scenes at FWP’s annual lottery drawing for moose, bighorn sheep, and mountain goat hunting licenses. Full story

Still Turning Heads - Despite record floods, growing recreational use, and a brief scare last summer, the upper yellowstone river continues to reign as one of the nation’s top trout waters. Full story

Clearing Things Up - Scientists have a good idea why Clark Canyon reservoir is sending murky water into one of Montana’s premier trout rivers. now what? Full story


Full May-June Issue



July-August 2017

Cover image

Eyeing the New Neighbors Smallmouth bass are moving upstream on the Yellowstone. Will they harm the river’s renowned trout population? Full story

Counting Ghosts - In the deep of winter, far into the backcountry, wildlife biologists search for the West’s most elusive carnivore. Full story

Continental Continuum - Searching for the origins of the Old North Trail along the Rocky Mountain Front. Full story

From Abstraction to Reality - At FWP’s Montana WILD education facility, kids and adults discover, appreciate, and take pride in the natural surroundings where they live. Full story

Great Gravel - New research shows how underground floodplains maintain healthy river “immune systems.” Full story

Face to Face - What I learned from an angry grizzly bear. Full story


Full July-August Issue



September-October 2017

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Moving Meat -  Your deer or elk is down. Now what? Full story

Saving Lives, Building Ethics - For 60 years, Montana’s volunteer Hunter Education Program instructors have been molding safe, responsible hunters. For 30 years, bowhunter instructors have done the same. Full story

38 for 38 - Every hunting season for nearly four decades, this West Yellowstone hunter has taken a bull elk on public land. How does he do it?  Full story

Good to Be Back - A quick trip to paradise in early September. Full story

Disease at the Door - Montana will rely on hunters and landowners to help control CWD when (not if) it arrives. Full story

Where to Hunt Elk in Montana - An insider’s guide for new hunters and nonresidents to locating the best spots this season. Full story



Full September-October Issue



November-December 2017

Cover image


The Eagles Have Landed Ten years after delisting under the Endangered Species Act, Montana’s bald eagles are putting up numbers worth celebrating. Full story

Safe Passage - Bridges, tunnels, and other creative structures allow wildlife to cross U.S. Highway 93 on the Flathead Indian Reservation without ending up as roadkill. Full story

In the Driveway - Following a mountain lion from my house to the forest. Full story

Doing Just Fine - We have heaters, parkas, and freezers full of food. Wildlife have found their own ways to survive winter. Full story

Green Grazing - Why The Nature Conservancy and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks are using cows to improve wildlife habitat. Full story



Full November-December Issue