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A view of the Big Hole River valley.

About FWP Montana Outdoors - 2011 issues

January-February 2011

Cover image
The 30th Annual Photo Issue

This cover shot was taken by Dusan Smetana.

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March-April 2011

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The Bighorn's Rocky Recovery: After a catastrophic decline in the early 1900s, Montana’s bighorn sheep population has grown into one of the nation’s largest. But habitat loss, highway fatalities, and deadly disease could send numbers tumbling again.  Read more >>

Standing for Montana: Strange stories of how the bitterroot, grizzly bear, mourning cloak butterfly, and Montana’s other state symbols came into existence.  Read more >>

The Land That Time Forgot: What are West Coast rainforest creatures doing in northwestern Montana?  Read more >>

Where Wildlife Reigns Supreme: Enjoy the natural splendor of Montana’s 21 national wildlife refuges.  Read more >>

Straight Aim Students: Archery gives kids self-confidence and recreation that can last a lifetime.  Read more >>


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May-June 2011

Cover image

Elk and Morels: Eating the mountain that feeds my family.  Read more >>

Welcome to Walleye Fishing: Expert advice for anglers who are finally ready to branch out from trout.  Read more >>

Montana's Redband Trout: 

Bear-Free, Worry-Free Camping: Easy ways to ensure that black bears and grizzlies stay away from your family’s campsite this summer.  Read more >>

Searching for Salmonflies: Scouring river records for data on Montana’s biggest trout bugs.  Read more >>

Check Out This Rod: FWP sets up loaner stations for kids who want to fish but don’t have the gear.  Read more >>

Fishing for Serenity: How wounded soldiers and other combat veterans find peace with a fly rod.  Read more >>


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July-August 2011

Cover image

An Old Friend Comes to Town: Though tough on birds and bird feeders, the spread of eastern fox squirrels across Montana gives some of us a glimpse of places we once called home.  Read more >>

Going to Bat for Bats: Why these remarkable winged mammals deserve more public support and scientific study.  Read more >>

Stop and Smell the S'mores: Slow down to get more from your campground experience this summer.  Read more >>

The Spirit Soars: Photo essay. 

Open Space Invaders: Noxious weeds crowd out native plants, ruin rangeland, and cost farmers and ranchers millions. How Montana is fighting back.  Read more >>

Crazy About Loons: Citizen volunteers and wildlife biologists work to conserve a remarkable bird that spends more time underwater than in the air.  Read more >>


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September-October 2011

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The Portable Elk Camp: How one hunter improved his backcountry hunting success by employing military reconnaissance tactics.  Read more >>

Coveting the Crown: What explains the desire to hunt and possess trophy elk and deer?  Read more >>

Ready to Go Again: A new dog shows promise and helps heal a saddened heart.  Read more >>

Grouse of the Forest: It takes some hiking and brush busting to reach mountain grouse. But the effort pays off with the fastest wingshooting and tastiest game birds around.  Read more >>

Arguing with the Trigger Finger: It can be terribly persuasive.  Read more >>

Taking Flight: New biologists and more public attention are recharging the Upland Game Bird Enhancement Program.  Read more >>

Return to Camp Mussellshell: Hunting on the prairie, a dad and his sons find something they thought they had lost.  Read more >>

Where Have All the Elk Calves Gone? A new study searches for answers in the Bitterroot watershed.  Read more >>


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November-December 2011

Cover image


Pronghorn in Motion: A new study searches for answers in the Bitterroot watershed.  Read more >>

Fishing in Snow on the Madison: Essay. 

Studying Bobcats in Lynxland: A research scientist tracks common wild cats rarely found in deepsnow habitat.  Read more >>

Keeping Them Apart: How Montana is working to reduce the growing risk of brucellosis transmission from elk to cattle in the Greater Yellowstone Area.  Read more >>

Plugging People In To the Outdoors: Montana Wild—FWP’s new education and conservation center—is helping kids, adults, and families connect with the natural world.  Read more >>

Go, Dog, Go! The tradition and sport of dog sled racing.  Read more >>


Full November-December Issue