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Antelope on Region 3 Block Management Area

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Region 3 BMA Maps

Program Details

In 2023, there are 157 Block Management Areas (BMA’s) that provide access to 1,261,736 acres of private land. Hunters will find Region 4 Block Management Areas to be diverse in habitat, available game animals, and hunting opportunity.


Region 3 consists of over 11.5 million acres in Southwestern Montana, or 12% of the entire state land base. Public land, including the Forest Service and BLM, accounts for over 6.9 million acres in the region.

How to use Region 3 BMP

Like other regions, Region 3 has Type I and Type II BMAs. A Type I BMA allows hunters to administer their own permission to hunt, while a Type II BMA requires a hunter to obtain permission through other means. BMA hunting opportunities vary greatly regarding methods of gaining access, opening and closing dates, vehicle travel, game retrieval, camping, presence of public lands, size, limits on hunter numbers, etc. It is very important to obtain the current year's BMA map and regulations for the BMA’s that you intend to hunt. 

Area BMA maps, including permission information and area rules, can be obtained by visiting our self-help stations at the regional office in Bozeman or at area offices in Butte or Helena. Maps will be available starting August 10. Information is also available through voice mail by calling (406) 577-7888 or by e-mail request at We ask that you limit your map requests to five (5) per phone call, office visit or e-mail to maintain the ability to fill requests in a timely fashion and for fairness. All individual BMA maps and permission information will be available through our website at Map
boundaries, rules or permission information may change from year to year. Be sure to obtain current maps and permission information every year.

As you enjoy the hunting access provided by this program, please be sure to obey the rules these landowners have requested. This is a voluntary program designed to benefit you. Enjoy this opportunity and respect landowner rights.

Reservations are available or required on some BMAs (see chart). Reservations begin August 22. Failure to show up for a reserved slot on a BMA denies other hunters opportunity. Please make every effort to cancel reservations if you are aware you will not be able to make your arranged time. Be aware that on some BMAs, failure to show without prior notice is grounds for exclusion from further hunting opportunities on the area. Making reservations on multiple BMAs at the same time is grounds for exclusion from hunting any BMA.

Noxious weeds are becoming a serious concern to landowners. Please do your part to limit the spread of weeds. Try to keep equipment clean. Avoid driving, parking or walking through weeds.

Other Region 3 Hunting Opportunities

 Southwest Montana has abundant public land (i.e. BLM, U.S. Forest Service & State Trust Lands) with extensive hunting opportunity. We recommend that you consider all access options in planning your hunts, utilizing BMA’s when and where they fit into your plans. U.S. Forest Service Travel plan maps depicting these lands and public accesses can be obtained at BLM & U.S. Forest Service Offices.
Region Three manages 11 Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) including:

  • Bear Cr WMA in Madison County (3,465 acres)

  • Blacktail WMA in Beaverhead County (17,743 acres)

  • Canyon Creek WMA in Lewis & Clark County (3,317 acres)

  • Canyon Ferry WMA in Broadwater County (5,132 acres)

  • Dome Mountain WMA in Park County (4,973 acres)

  • Fleecer Mountain WMA in Butte/Silverbow County (7,579 acres)

  • Gallatin WMA in Gallatin County (8,611 acres)

  • Lake Helena WMA in Lewis & Clark County (349 acres)

  • Mount Haggin WMA in Deerlodge and Butte/Silverbow County (59,233 acres)

  • Robb Ledford WMA in Madison & Beaverhead County (28,097 acres)

  • Wall Creek WMA in Madison County (7,700 acres)


Region Three currently has 2 Public Access Lands Projects (PALA) enrolled in 2022. These projects allow access to public land and include:

  • XC Ranch PALA in the Boulder Valley providing access to DNRC land

  • Dunn Canyon Rd PALA providing access to Forest Service in the Bull Mountains along Dunn Canyon Rd. Additionally, Region Three has 86 Fishing Access Sites (FASs), 9 State Parks (SP) and 18 Conservation Easements (CE) that may offer some hunting and fishing opportunities across the region. Information is available through FWP’s website and hunt planner ( where areas are open, restricted or closed to hunting opportunities. FAS and Upland Bird Enhancement project guides are available online, at regional offices and on the Hunt Planner.

Contact Us

Bozeman Regional Headquarters

1400 South 19th
Bozeman, MT 59718

(406) 577-7900


Butte Area Office

1820 Meadowlark Lane
Butte, MT 59701

Hours: 9 a.m.-12:45 p.m.

(406) 494-1953


Helena Area Resource Office

930 Custer Avenue West
Helena, MT 59620

(406) 495-3260


Region 3 check station