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Landowner and hunter shaking hands

Hunt It's up to us. Respect access. Protect the hunt.

1. Plan ahead for access

Be considerate. Ask first, but not at 4 a.m. or on the morning of your hunt.

2. Respect private property

Pick up trash and leave gates the way you found them.

3. Practice safe hunting 

Know your target and take time to think through the situation. Don't rush.

4. Turn in poachers

If you witness a fish and game violation or property vandalism, call 1-800-TIP-MONT or report violoation online

5. Gratitude goes a long way

Access improves when landowners are respected and hunters are grateful for the access provided.

Hunter-Landowner Stewardship

Test your knowledge

The Montana Hunter-Landowner Stewardship Program was created to promote responsible hunter behavior and good hunter-landowner relations in Montana.

You'll discover how much hunters and landowners have in common, learn about different perspectives, and leave with ideas and tools that will help both hunters and landowners identify acceptable hunter behaviors and build better relationships.

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Hunter and landowner

Additional Hunter Resources

Hunter Access

Block Management, Upland Game Bird Enhancement, and other access opportunities

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