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Buy and apply MENU

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Buy & Apply Conservation Licenses

  • Resident Cost: $8
  • Youth 10-17 Resident Cost: $4
  • Senior 62+ Resident Cost: $4
  • Nonresident Cost: $10

A Conservation License is a prerequisite for all resident and nonresident licenses. It includes the State Lands Recreation Use Permit (for hunting, fishing and trapping). It also allows a resident or nonresident who is a Legion of Valor member, regardless of age, to fish.

Conservation License applicants are required to provide their social security number in addition to the information usually requested. A valid driver's license or a valid photo ID is required to purchase a license.

Conservation Licenses, along with most other FWP licenses, can be purchased via the Online Licenses Service - get started with the link below.

Resident with a Disability Conservation License

This license allows disabled Montana residents to obtain a Conservation License for $8. Allows for the purchase of a General Deer, a General Elk, Fishing and Upland Game Bird licenses at half cost. You must be permanently and substantially disabled to qualify for this license. Applications are available online to print or at FWP offices. These licenses are not available to nonresidents.

Buy Licenses Online Today

Use the Online Licenses Service to purchase all your Montana hunting and fishing licenses without having to visit an FWP office or License Provider location.

Online Licenses Service