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Buy and apply MENU

A boat on a Montana stream.

Buy & Apply Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Passes

Angler AIS Prevention Pass

The Angler AIS Prevention Pass (AISPP) is required for all individuals who fish in Montana. This program was initiated by the 2017 Montana Legislature to help fund the fight against aquatic invasive species in Montana.

The Angler AISPP is $2 for residents and $7.50 for nonresidents and is required with your purchase of a fishing license. There is no fee for youth 15 and younger. Individuals who don’t fish but would like to help in the fight against aquatic invasive species may also purchase the AISPP.

AISPPs may be purchased at the Online Licenses Service along with your fishing license, or visit a License Provider location.

Vessel AIS Prevention Pass

Planning to Bring Watercraft into Montana?

All watercraft entering Montana are required to be inspected for aquatic invasive species. You must obtain an inspection before launching on Montana waters. Stop at all open inspections stations you encounter. Find inspections stations here.

  • Boats with a ballast or bladder, such as wakeboard or wake-surfing boats, that intend to launch on Montana waters must obtain a decontamination before launching.

  • If you do not encounter a Montana watercraft inspection station while traveling, inspections conducted in Idaho and Wyoming fulfill Montana’s inspection-before-launch requirements. Stop at ALL open inspection stations you encounter in Montana where your watercraft may be re-inspected.

Nonresident watercraft launching in Montana must purchase a Vessel AIS Prevention Pass (AISPP). Purchase the Vessel AISPP at FWP regional offices, through our Online Licenses Service or visit a License Provider location.

  • Motorized watercraft fee is $30. Required for all watercraft that have a motor.

  • Nonmotorized watercraft fee is $10. Required for all nonmotorized watercraft.

  • Proof of purchase can be electronic (cell phone) or paper receipt, there is no decal.

  • The Vessel AISPP expires on December 31.

  • The Vessel AISPP is not transferable between vessels.

Commercially Hauled Watercraft

Requirements for Commercially Hauled Watercraft Entering the State of Montana. MCA 80-7-10

Commercial haulers transporting watercraft should be aware of Montana’s laws and rules. MCA 80-7-1015

  • Penalties can reach up to a no bond felony. MCA 80-7-1014

  • It is illegal to transport aquatic invasive species, dead or alive, within the state of Montana. Aquatic invasive species can be plants, animals or diseases. MCA 80-7-1010

  • All watercraft being transported in the state of Montana must stop at all open watercraft inspection stations. MCA 80-7-1011

  • It is illegal to transport surface water in the State of Montana. ARM 12.5.706(e)

  • All aquatic vegetation must be removed from watercraft and trailers prior to transport. ARM 12-5-706 (d)

  • All watercraft must be inspected prior to launch in the State of Montana. ARM 12-5-706(b)

MDT Motor Carrier Services Guide and Regulations

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Clean. Drain. Dry.

Protect Montana waters from aquatic invasive species by stopping at watercraft inspection stations. 

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