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Fish > Public Comment 2025-2026 Fishing Regulations Public Comment

The regulation setting process for the 2025-2026 fishing regulations begins through public input on changes FWP is considering as well as providing opportunity for the public to propose regulations for the department to consider.

FWP will use this public input to develop a regulations proposal package to present to the Fish and Wildlife Commission in fall 2024. An additional comment period will occur before the final regulations package is presented to the commission; this comment period is expected to occur late August.

Public Meetings

FWP hosted on statewide virtual meeting and several in person public meetings around the state in March and April.

Statewide Virtual Meeting


Public Input

FWP scoped the following 64 proposals with associated information on biological rationale, regulation type and associated reference to the Statewide Fisheries Management Plan

Regulation Scoping Proposals

Deadline: Comments through this scoping effort were collected through April 26, 2024