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About FWP > Public Comments Elk Management Citizen Advisory Group Recommendations

The Elk Management Citizen Advisory Group met 10 times to develop a suite of recommendations on improving elk management in Montana. These recommendations were analyzed by FWP staff who looked at what it would take to implement each recommendation, both in terms of cost and capacity.


Public Comment

Comments on the following recommendations were collected through October 14, 2022.


#1: Access Plus Program

#2: Choose Your Weapon/Season

#3: Collaboration between FWP, USFS, BLM & DNRC and Any Other Pertinent Local, State, or Federal Land Management Agencies

#4: Create A9 Tag Bundle

#5: Develop User Friendly and Effective Methods to Collect Data

#6: Establish (where possible) Localized Elk Working Groups

#7: Expanded Hunter Education

#8: Promote Focused Damage Hunts 

#9: Improve Accessibility to the FWP Videos, Programs, PSA’s, etc. that Promote the Desired Behaviors between Landowners and Hunters

#10: FWP Landowner Liaison

#11: We Have to Manage Elk Where They Are Not

#12: Understand and Mitigate the Disease of Brucellosis in Elk

#13: Use of Shoulder Seasons

#14: Stakeholder Meetings

#15: Enforce Stricter Penalties for Trespassing and Other Bad Behaviors by Hunters and Landowners