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Fisheries Intern

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An internship is a short-term work experience in which a college student applies what they have learned in college to the world of work. This learning experience usually involves applying for a position that relates to their major/minor. The student usually receives academic credit and a grade through their curriculum department.


The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Internship Program is open to any student currently enrolled in an accredited university/college. This includes all public, private, community, vo-tech and Native American institutions of higher learning.


Many college students, especially biology and park/recreation majors, are required to complete an internship prior to graduation. Fish, Wildlife & Parks has opportunities available in these and many other fields, but the positions vary each year. Most are paid positions, but some are volunteer only. A few locations offer housing, but most interns must secure their own housing and transportation to work site.


Internships can be done all year around, however, the majority take place during the months of May-September. The length varies depending on the project that needs to be completed and the timeframe required to get it done. Positions are located statewide.

Current Internship Opportunites


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