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Lower Yellowstone River

About FWP Lower Yellowstone Advisory Committee

The Yellowstone River is the longest, free-flowing river in the lower 48. Yet between Hysham and the North Dakota border, much of the river is relatively inaccessible for recreation, with stretches between access points of up to 50 miles.  A new committee convened by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and sponsored by Gov. Greg Gianforte is looking to improve access here and as a result protect fish and wildlife habitat and provide for more outdoor recreation opportunities. 

During the 2021 Legislative session, FWP secured $4 million in funding to invest in habitat protection, establish additional strategic public access points, and develop needed recreation infrastructure. The Lower Yellowstone Advisory Committee will advise FWP and others as they look for access opportunities along this part of the river between Hysham and the North Dakota border.  


Committee Details

The committee will be chaired by Angie Grove, former chair of the Montana State Parks and Outdoor Recreation Board.  

The committee will build on work done previously by the Lower Yellowstone River Coalition, which was established in early 2020 to look at enhancing access along the river corridor and advocate for support from the 2021 Montana Legislature for the effort.   

The 12-person committee will help advise the department in how to prioritize projects in the area by setting broad criteria for evaluating proposals.  


Application Period

FWP is looking for representatives from local communities, businesses, landowners, recreation industry and the general public.  

People interested in applying should email with information about themselves and why they would like to serve on the committee.

Deadline: Emails should be submitted by June 30, 2021.  



Lower Yellowstone River Public Access and Infrastructure Upgrade Opportunities

Download: Public Access and Infrastructure Upgrade Opportunities Map (PDF)