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Mule deer prairies

Conservation > Wildlife Management > Movement and Migration > Ungulates Mule Deer Tracking

An FWP study in Carbon County in southcentral Montana, was conducted to identify the migration routes and seasonal ranges of a CWD-positive mule deer population. This study was funded under the authority of Department of Interior, Secretarial Order 3362. Seventy mule deer were captured during the winters of 2020 and 2021, and preliminary findings show movements primarily north and west of the capture locations. Studies like these inform decisions relative to disease risk and harvest management.   



Mule deer monitoring in response to the discovery of chronic wasting disease in 2017 showed seasonal movements of animals crossing major highways and rivers. Collars are satellite-linked to allow location and mortality data to be collected remotely and programmed to collect 12 locations per day for three years. Studies like these highlight large movements of animals and the importance of conserving habitat across the landscape.