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Grizzly bear

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September is Bear Aware Month

As grizzly bear populations and distribution increase across Montana, it’s more important than ever to be bear aware. Currently, grizzly bears can be found in all of Montana west of Billings. To encourage residents and nonresidents to be vigilant about the presence of bears, Gov. Greg Gianforte proclaimed September as Bear Aware Month, and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks will host several education events and opportunities that will feature fun activities, prizes and giveaways, such as stickers and can koozies.

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FWP employee talking with a resident about bear transportation.

Avoid attracting bears

Living in Bear Country >
Fisherman walking along a river shoreline.

How to stay safe afield

Hunting and Angling >
Black bear behind wood fence.

Protect you and your property

Bear standing on grassy landscape.

Be prepared to deal with bears

Bear Encounters >
Folks standing outside listening to FWP employee talk about bear awarness.

Learn more about being bear aware

Resources >

Carry Bear Spray and Know How to Use it

Bear spray is a very effective deterrent when used properly. Carry bear spray in an easily-accessible location and learn how to use it.