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A bear walking through a campsite with picnic tables.

Conservation > Bear > Bear Aware Recreating In Bear Country

Being outdoors means being with wildlife. Here's some simple advice for staying safe while exploring the outdoors and in bear country.

RECREATING - Safely exploring the outdoors

  • Carry bear spray in an accessible place and know how to use it.
  • Stay alert and look for bear activity, especially where visibility or hearing is limited (woods, bushy areas, streams)
  • Travel in a group and keep members together (especially kids).
  • Make noise whenever possible to avoid surprising a bear, especially where visibility or hearing is limited.
  • Avoid traveling at night, dawn or dusk.
  • Avoid carcass sites and scavenger concentrations.

CAMPING - Keep bears and people safe

  • Keep food and anything with a scent out of tents.
  • Dispose of garbage in bear resistant bins; otherwise, take it with you and dispose of it properly elsewhere. Do not bury or burn garbage.
  • Follow local land management agency food storage orders and properly store unattended food and anything else with a scent.

MOUNTAIN BIKERS, TRAIL RUNNERS & OHV USERS - Best practices for riding and running

  • Anyone traveling quickly (mountain biker, trail runner) can be at high risk of surprising a bear.
  • Slow down and look ahead, especially in areas of dense vegetation, berry patches, and around blind corners.
  • Ride or run in daylight and in groups.
  • Make noise! Let bears hear you, especially where visibility is limited.
  • View a video about Bear aware when riding or running in Bear country.
  • Biking in Bear Country (YouTube)


Bear Aware While Camping

Watch as Bill Cook explains the importance of being bear safe while camping and how to avoid attracting bears to your campsite.