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Inspection station

Conservation > AIS Watercraft Inspections

ALL watercraft (motorized and nonmotorized) must stop at ALL watercraft inspection stations you encounter. Inspection stations are the first line of defense to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species. 

See map or table below for details.

Plan ahead and get your watercraft inspected prior to launching if:

  • You are coming into Montana from out-of-state.

    • Out-of-state boats must be inspected prior to launch on Montana waters. If you do not encounter a Montana watercraft inspection station while traveling, inspections conducted in Idaho and Wyoming fulfill Montana‚Äôs inspection-before-launch requirements. Boater must carry a proof of inspection receipt and, when applicable, a seal. Stop at ALL open inspection stations you encounter in Montana where your watercraft may be re-inspected.

  • You are traveling west over the Continental Divide into western Montana (the Columbia River Basin).

  • You are launching anywhere within the Flathead Basin and your watercraft last launched on waters outside of the Flathead Basin.

Watercraft Inspection Stations

Interactive Map

Click on the icons below for more information about individual inspection stations

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No AIS Watercraft Inspection Stations are currently open.