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Elk in snow on private land

Hunt > Landowner Programs Elk Hunting Access Agreements

Landowner elk licenses/permits or both for allowing public hunting 

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks’ elk hunting access (EHA) agreements provide landowners with an elk license, permit, or combination thereof in exchange for allowing free public elk hunting access as described in a signed agreement approved by the commission. These permits and licenses are valid only on the landowner’s property.  The program was first codified in Montana statute in 2001. The most recent changes to the statute came in 2023.  

Hunter Sign-Up

To be placed on the EHA public sign-up list, resident and nonresident hunters can sign up through the MyFWP portal:


Elk Hunting Access Agreement Program Reports

Program at a Glance

For this access tool, landowners may apply for an elk license, permit, or combination thereof, in exchange for allowing hunting access to a minimum of three public hunters. A landowner may designate the license/permit benefit to an immediate family member or an authorized full-time employee of the landowner.  

Additionally, landowner's enrolled in an agreement may select one of the three statutorily required public hunters – the other two being randomly selected by FWP. For each license or permit issued to a landowner, family member, or authorized full-time employee, three public hunters will be selected to hunt the land included in the agreement. 

Landowners may also offer additional public hunting access beyond the minimum three required.  


Questions? Please contact: or your local access manager, biologist, or game warden.