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Hunt > Access Private Land Hunting Opportunities

Montana has approximately 23,000 landowners who own nearly 64 million acres of private land, much of which offers excellent hunting opportunities.

Hunters must obtain landowner permission to hunt on all private land, which often can be obtained through simple courtesy and communication between the hunter and the landowner.

Remember, while orange paint and No Trespassing signs indicate that the land is private, they do not necessarily mean that no hunting is allowed.

Ask first, and the gate may open.

DOWNLOAD: Private Land Hunting Opportunities - Maps & Rules (PDF)

Tips for Gaining Permission to Hunt Private Land

There are a few things to keep in mind that will greatly improve results when attempting to secure hunting access to private land.

  • Show courtesy to the landowner and make hunting arrangements by calling or visiting at times convenient to the landowner.

  • Whenever possible, plan ahead and secure permission well in advance of the actual hunting date.

  • Provide complete information about yourself and your hunting companions, including vehicle descriptions and license numbers.

  • Explain what type of hunting you wish to do, and and be sure to ask any questions which can help clarify the conditions of access.

  • Follow the landowners instructions, and bring with you only the companions for whom you obtained landowner permission.

  • Be sure to thank the landowner after your hunt, and consider sending a subsequent note to show your appreciation for being granted the privilege of hunting on private land.

Public Access Land Agreements

This program seeks to open or improve free public access to isolated parcels of state or federal land for hunting or fishing. The Public Access Land Agreement program is a creative way for landowners to provide public access to public lands for hunting and/or fishing, in exchange for a payment and other negotiated improvements to facilitate public access to public lands.

Landowner Preference & Sponsor Licenses

Landowners are critical to the work of conserving Montana‚Äôs wildlife populations and habitat. To recognize their important role in conserving these resources, landowners have opportunities to receive licenses or permits and to sponsor hunters to hunt on their deeded land.

Hunter-Landowner Stewardship Project

This educational program is for anyone interested in promoting responsible hunter behavior and good hunter-landowner relations in Montana.

Other Private Land Hunting Opportunities

There are numerous other programs and opportunities for hunting on private lands in addition to the Block Management Program. One of these programs is the conservation easement program, which allows landowners to protect traditional farm and ranch land while at the same time allowing FWP to preserve natural resources such as wildlife habitat.

Public access to most conservation easements is managed through the Block Management Program. Those areas not managed through Block Management can still be found through the mapping portion of the Hunt Planner.

Lands enrolled in the Upland Game Bird Enhancement Program and Migratory Bird Stamp Program also offer hunting opportunities.

Major Access Programs for Private Land

Block Management Program

Free public hunting access to private and isolated public land.

Learn more >
Upland Game Bird Enhancement Program

Conserving habitat while providing hunting opportunities.

Learn more >
Unlocking Public Lands Program

Cross enrolled private land to access public land.

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Hunter Landowner Stewardship Project

Hunters rely on landowners

Things work best when landowners and hunters work together.