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Elk in a field.

Conservation Strategy for Wildlife Movement and Migration

With the understanding that private lands, particularly working landscapes, are a vital component for wildlife habitat in Montana, Fish, Wildlife & Parks has developed a new strategy for wildlife movement and migration with a focus on habitat conservation.

The new strategy was developed over the last year in a partnership with conservation organizations, landowners and others in response to growing public interest in conserving habitat for wildlife movement and migration. This focus has heightened even more given expanding human development and a changing climate.

FWP will use the new strategy to further integrate efforts related to wildlife movement and migration into its existing policies and programs. The intent is to better highlight the work FWP staff already do related to wildlife movement and migration, and to strengthen that work where necessary.

The strategy specifically clarifies how wildlife movement and migration conservation is incorporated into the existing habitat conservation efforts of FWP. As the state agency statutorily assigned responsibility for the stewardship of Montana’s wildlife resources for present and future generations, FWP has long focused on a science-based approach to conserving and improving important habitats. The strategy outlines how FWP will continue its statutory role and science-based approach while emphasizing and enhancing programs to conserve habitat and improve landscape permeability for wildlife movements and migrations critical for their survival and life functions. The strategy, as a publicly visible part of FWP’s approach to wildlife movement and migration, explains to staff, stakeholders, and the general public how FWP work related to wildlife movement and migration will be organized, coordinated, and ultimately inclusive. FWP staff will develop work plans consistent with this strategy describing implementation efforts and plans to involve partners.