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Conservation Fish and Wildlife Recommendations for Subdivision Development in Montana

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks has compiled a set of fish and wildlife recommendations for subdivision development in the state. These recommendations are primarily intended to guide FWP field biologists when they receive subdivision-related requests for information and input from local governments and subdivision applicants. FWP wants to provide responses that are consistent, efficient, and effective. Ultimately, FWP aims to help Montana communities and counties accommodate subdivisions for people and healthy habitats for fish and wildlife.

A Working Document (April 2012)

Local planners, local government officials, and subdividers and subdivider project teams may find many of the planning tools, approaches, and design recommendations contained in the working document useful.


Full Working Document


Supporting Professional Papers

Opportunity for Public Comment

FWP invites public comments and suggestions. Please contact Stevie Burton in FWP’s Special Projects Unit at 406-594-7354 or, with any comments or questions that you may have.

FWP's intent is to generate an open discussion on the implementation of consistent fish and wildlife conservation recommendations for subdivision development in Montana. The user feedback will help to evaluate the effectiveness of the recommendations and to consider future modifications.