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Fish Creek State Park


Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is building on previous planning efforts to create an updated, comprehensive roadmap for managing recreational use in the Fish Creek Watershed. The Fish Creek area is home to important fish and wildlife habit, historic and cultural resources, local communities and private landowners, and unique opportunities for outdoor recreation. This will all be part of what the planning process and final planning document considers.



Located approximately 40 miles west of Missoula and 25 miles east of Superior, FWP's key Fish Creek sites include Fish Creek State Park, Fish Creek Wildlife Management Area (WMA), Big Pine Fishing Access Site (FAS), and Forks FAS. The Alberton Gorge, which offers opportunities for water access and recreation, is also located in the area. The area also includes other state and federal public lands.


Integrated planning

Because the Fish Creek project involves planning for the entire watershed, it will take a comprehensive look at the area, including its places and fish, wildlife, recreation, historic and cultural resources.  Planning will cross boundaries and site types and consider the area’s fishing access sites, the Fish Creek Wildlife Management Area, Fish Creek State Park and other surrounding public lands. 


Planning process & timeline

The planning process began in July and August of 2022 with outreach to stakeholders invested in the future of the Fish Creek Watershed. There will be several opportunities for stakeholders and the public to share their interests regarding the recreational management in the Fish Creek Watershed through meetings and an online survey in the fall of 2022. The planning team intends to finalize a planning document for managing recreational use in the watershed by March of 2023.


Public participation

FWP is welcoming input from the public and partner agencies to develop a plan for the Fish Creek area. It’s through your help that we will understand the needs, concerns and vision for the watershed and develop the best plan possible.


Stakeholder meetings

We’ll be routinely working with stakeholders that live, work, recreate in, or care about the area – and those who have expertise in the area’s lands and resources– to begin laying out a plan for the future. The first meetings with stakeholders were July 28, and August 17, 2022. Several additional opportunities for stakeholders to engage in this process will be provided throughout the fall of 2022.

We will also be looking to anyone that has an interest in the area to help provide ideas and feedback on concepts as the plan starts to take shape.


Online survey

Please check this webpage for updates on upcoming opportunities to get involved and share your perspective. We’ll have a survey posted here in September.


Attend an open house

We will be hosting an open house in October/November.  Please check back for details.


For more information

Randy Arnold
FWP Region 2 supervisor