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Welcome to Montana's Aquatic Invasive Species resource page. Help stop the spread of AIS by using these logos and materials in your outreach efforts.

If you need assistance, contact Tom Woolf at or call (406) 444-2440.


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If you are interested in having an FWP AIS staff member talk to your group about aquatic invasive species, call (406) 444-2440.

Just for kids

Educator Resources

  • The Invasive Species Action Network (ISAN) provides numerous aquatic science resources for educators, including lesson plans and activities for grades K-8.   ISAN also offers a multi-lesson program called Ripple Effect Aquatic Learning (REAL) that provides a hands-on experience for students.  The lessons focus on real-life application addressing science requirements while encouraging connections to local water resources. 

  • The Watershed Education Network (WEN) developed the Columbia Headwaters Education Kit for AIS (CHEK 4 AIS) for high school science classes. This program includes curriculum and a series of 8 activities compiled in a trunk for easy transport. A key component of the CHEK 4 AIS curriculum is the culminating project, or AIS community outreach “action project” in which students create their own public education messages (poster, letter to the editor, news article, PSA’s for radio, tv, etc). This allows youth to take an active role in prevention of mussel invasion and the protection of their watershed.

Educational Partners