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You could win a hunt of a lifetime! Purchase your chance by June 30

Every year FWP offers a SuperTag lottery for hunters to take another shot at the dream.

Eight lucky hunters will win a SuperTag license for one of the following species: moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, antelope, elk, deer, bison and mountain lion. One SuperTag will be drawn for each species. The SuperTag can be used in any hunting district in Montana – including Montana's legendary trophy districts.

Revenue from the new SuperTag sales is used to enhance hunting access and boost FWP enforcement efforts.

How to Purchase

To purchase a SuperTag you must have a current conservation license. Each SuperTag chance is $5, and you can purchase an unlimited number of chances. To purchase chances online, go to FWP's Online Licensing Service. You’ll receive a receipt verifying purchase that lists your lottery numbers. SuperTag chances are also available for purchase at FWP offices and license providers.

Deadline: June 30 at 11:45 p.m. MST

The following table has the total number of chances purchased for each SuperTag in 2024

Antelope Bison Deer Elk Goat Lion Moose Sheep Resident SuperTag
9,331 15,115 14,854 34,759 13,446 3,133 26,548 34,795 91,267

*Numbers will be updated every Monday at 12 p.m. until July 1*

Purchase Your Chance Today!

Resident SuperTag

Legislation passed by the 2023 Montana Legislature established a new resident SuperTag. Every Montana resident who purchases a general elk or general deer license will automatically receive one entry into this Resident SuperTag drawing. In 2024, the drawing will be for a moose license. Like other SuperTags, the winner will be able to hunt for moose in any moose hunting district in Montana.

If You Win a SuperTag

If you win a SuperTag, and also draw a license or permit through FWP’s special permit license drawings, you will be required to surrender that license or permit before receiving the SuperTag. FWP will refund the license fee associated with the special permit or license and reinstate any bonus points. Montana’s seven-year wait for individuals who draw a moose, sheep or goat license through Montana’s special permit license drawings will not be imposed on SuperTag winners.

Check Your Drawing Status

SuperTag drawings are held early-July each year