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Hunter Access Laws

All hunters should have a good understanding of Montana's access laws.

  • The law requires every hunter to have permission from the landowner, lessee or agent before hunting on private property regardless of whether the land is posted or not.

  • It is every hunter's responsibility to know the land ownership of the area he or she intends to hunt and any land use restrictions that may apply there.


Where to Start

The first thing you will need is a good set of up-to-date maps.

Land ownership changes over time. It's a good idea to verify public ownership with your local land management agency. You can also verify public and private land ownership through the Montana Department of Administration Cadastral Mapping Project.

FWP publishes the Directory of Montana Maps, which provides a listing of all agency and local government contacts where you can find land ownership information.

Other sources of information: 


Plan Your Hunt Online

Launch maps, obtain legal descriptions, regulations, and statistics all in one place.