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Hunter at Block Management sign-in

Hunt > Access > Block Management How to Gain Access

1. Get a Guide

You can order the Block Management Hunter Access Guide between June 1 and December 31 each year. Guides will be available online and will be shipped beginning mid-August.



2. Choose Your Area

Using the guide, determine which Block Management opportunities in the area you wish to hunt fit in best with your hunting methods and style. Then obtain a copy of the maps and regulations for the block management areas that interest you. Maps and regulations are available online beginning in mid-August.


3. Get Permission

There are two types of BMAs:

TYPE I BMA — Area where hunters administer their own permission.

This includes BMAs that use sign-in boxes, and BMAs that do not require hunters to obtain permission. Typically, Type I BMAs do not limit hunter numbers or require reservations, although some parking areas have vehicle limits.


TYPE II BMA — Area where someone other than the hunter issues permission.

This includes BMAs where the landowner or an FWP staff member issues permission. Type II BMAs often require reservations and utilize pasture assignments, hunter number limits, and other hunter management systems.

Block Management cooperators have the ability to provide preference to veterans on Veteran's Day for those BMAs requiring reservations (mostly Type II). Some of the cooperators who may be providing this preference have been listed in each regional section in the BMA Access Guide.


4. Follow the Rules

Each BMA has its own rules agreed upon by the landowner(s) and FWP regional personnel. Be sure to read, understand and follow the rules for the BMA you plan to hunt. Ethical behavior afield, in following rules for such things as obtaining permission, vehicle restrictions, game retrieval, hunting area boundaries, camping, etc., will help ensure future access to private lands.

Look for Block Management signs on site and abide by the instructions conveyed. Generally green signs mean hunting behind the sign is allowed with certain restrictions. These may include hunting by written permission only, signing a roster before entry, vehicles on established roads only, etc. Orange signs are used for areas closed to hunting or motorized travel, such as for safety zones (residence and livestock areas), no shooting zones, or road closures.