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Hunt > Access > Block Management What is Block Management?

A Montana Partnership

A cooperative program between private landowners and FWP, Block Management helps landowners manage hunting activities and provides the public with free hunting access to private land, and sometimes to adjacent or isolated public lands.

Landowner participation in block management is voluntary. Contracts are negotiated annually in the spring and summer. After enrollment is complete, FWP publishes a Hunter Access Guide, which lists all block management opportunities available to you for the current season. Block Management guides are made available on or before August 15, annually.


Opportunities Abound

For the 2022 hunting season, approximately 1,200 landowners have enrolled about 7.1 million acres of land in the Block Management Program. By researching your options, you can probably find a block management hunting opportunity that fits with your needs.


Block Management History

Formally started in 1985 and expanded significantly in 1996, Block Management has provided free public hunting experiences across the state since its inception. Positive working relationships have been formed between landowners, hunters, and resource managers. The future looks promising, but is dependent on you. By following the rules for the BMA, as well as demonstrating courteous, legal and ethical behavior, sportsmen and women can do their part to assure future access to private lands in Montana.


Reports & Surveys

Program reports and landowner/hunter survey results are posted here. Program reports are typically prepared on a biennial basis, while hunter/landowner research evaluations are conducted at periodic intervals.

Frequently Asked Questions