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Buck deer

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Required to hunt in Montana

1. Conservation license

Montana's Conservation License is a prerequisite for all resident and nonresident licenses.

  • Deadline/Availability: Over-the-Counter

  • Resident Cost: $8

  • Youth 12-17 Resident Cost: $4

  • Senior 62+ Resident Cost: $4

  • Nonresident Cost: $10

2. Base hunting license fee

This is an annual fee and will be assessed at the time the hunter purchases or applies for his/her first hunting license, including upland and migratory bird licenses.

  • Deadline/Availability: Over-the-Counter

  • Resident Cost: $10

  • Nonresident Cost: $15

3. Carcass tag and/or license for the species you are hunting

4. Bow and arrow license and bowhunter education for archery hunters

A bow and arrow license, plus the proper hunting licenses, is required during an archery-only season for any species or to archery hunt in an Archery-only area or hunting district.

Bowhunter education is required for archery hunters of any age. 

To purchase a Montana bow and arrow license, hunters must either complete the bowhunter education course from Montana or any other state, or show any prior year's bowhunting license from any state or province. A student must be at least 11 years old to register for a bowhunter education classroom course.

5. Hunter education is required for anyone born after January 1, 1985, or hunter apprenticeship for anyone 10 or older

To purchase or apply for a Montana hunting license, any person born after January 1, 1985, must provide proof of having successfully completed a hunter education course issued by Montana, any other state or any Canadian province. 

A student must be at least 10 years old to register for Montana's hunter education courses. Students ages 10-11 can take the course and hunt as an apprentice but will not be fully certified until the year they turn 12. Youth who have completed hunter education and will turn 12 years of age by January 16 of the license year may purchase or apply for licenses and hunt after August 15 of the license year.

The Apprentice Hunter program allows anyone 10 or older to hunt for up to two years without completing a hunter education course. Certain restrictions apply, and anyone certified as an Apprentice must be accompanied by a certified Mentor. 


If you cannot locate your Montana hunter or bowhunter education certificates:

Duplicate certificates of completion for the Montana hunter education and bowhunter education courses may be obtained online at MyFWP using the Hunter/Bowhunter Education Certificate Form.