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Commercial Fish Pond

Commercial Fishing Ponds

A Commercial Fish Pond License entitles the holder to sell live fish or gametes within Montana. In addition to the license in order to sell live fish or gametes the applicant must obtain an annual Fish Health Certificate from FWP. An annual report of all fish/gamete transactions is required annually along with a $500 Corporate Surety Bond.


There is a $10.00 application fee and annual renewal fee. There is also an annual $500 Corporate Surety Bond.

Commercial Fish Pond Laws

Fish Ponds, Seining, and Commerical Taking of Aquatic Fish Food Organisms—MCA 87-4-603 to 87-4-607

Commercial Fish Pond License Application

Import Permit Application

All importations of live fish or fish eggs for introduction into any private or public pond, stream, lake, or other water in Montana, or fish transported through Montana, must be accompanied by a permit issued by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

Bait Seining

Commercial Bait Fish Seining and Sale of Bait Fish

Contact regional FWP offices for a Bait Fish Seining License and a list of waters open to commercial seining: $10 fee.

A bait fish seining license is required:

  • For persons 15 years of age and older to seine for and transport bait fish for commercial purposes in Montana;
  • For any person who seines for and has in his/her possession more than 24 dozen nongame bait fish.

Nongame bait fish (except carp, goldfish and rainbow smelt) may be harvested commercially and transported in accordance with Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) Section 12.7.201-12.7.204. Live bait fish or leeches may not be imported into Montana for commercial or other purposes unless authorized by FWP. Bait fish may not be exported without FWP authorization. Call 406-452-6181 or go online at for more information.


Aquatic Scientific Collector's Permit

Aquatic Scientific Collector's Permit Application

Aquatic Scientific Collector Permits are required for any learning institution, government agencies, or individual in order to take, kill, capture or possess any fish in Montana.

The permittee shall pay $50 for the permit, except that a permittee who is a representative of an accredited school, college, university, or other institution of learning or of any governmental agency is exempt from payment of the fee.


Please Submit Applications and Fees to:


ATTN: Fisheries Division
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
P.O. Box 200701
Helena, MT 59620-0701