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Deer Harvest Slightly Higher than Last Year in Northwest Montana as Season Ends


At the six northwest Montana check stations, whitetail deer harvest finished slightly ahead of last year’s totals as the season wrapped up on Sunday. At the six northwest Montana check stations through the end of the season on Sunday, November 30, a total of 16,708 hunters checked 1,138 white-tailed deer ( 988 of these were bucks), 139 mule deer, and 50 elk for a 7.9 percent rate of hunters with game. This is slightly higher than the 7.1 percent of hunters with game last year. The number of hunters in northwest Montana was down nine percent as compared to last year’s total. The counts at the six northwest Montana check stations represent a sampling of the harvest and do not represent the complete number of animals taken. Details of total harvest for each hunting district will be known after telephone hunter surveys are completed this winter.

(Region 1 - Hunting)

2014 hunter numbers, deer harvest down from average


The number of hunters who stopped at Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Region 5 check stations during the 2014 general season was down about 11 percent from the long-term average. The number of deer checked also was lower than average, but the elk harvest remained strong – up 30 percent from average.

(Region 5 - Hunting)

Closing weekend hunter numbers down from 2013, harvest higher


Cold temperatures and high winds kept many south central Montana hunters at home or near their vehicles for the closing weekend of the five-week 2014 general big-game season. Those who weathered the elements did well, however, as the percentage of hunters who brought animals to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks check stations was better than during the same weekend in 2013.

(Region 5 - Hunting)

Region 3 Weekend 6 Hunting Numbers


Hunters venturing out on the final weekend of the general deer and elk season were met with plummeting temperatures and moderate success. In at least one case, a near 60-degree temperature drop was noted on Saturday alone. Another station closed early on Saturday when only 32 hunters came by the typically busy check station by mid-afternoon.

(Region 3 - Hunting)

Dead Grizzly Bear Reported in the North Fork of the Flathead Drainage


Montana Game Wardens and U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service Agents are looking for information on a Grizzly Bear that was shot and killed on November 12, 2014, in the Hay/Moran Creek area in the North Fork of the Flathead Drainage. The initial report was made to FWP by hunter in the area.

(Region 1 - Hunting)

Deer Harvest Slightly Ahead of Last Year in Northwest Montana


Deer harvest in northwest Montana is slightly ahead of last year at the same point in the season, according to check station results around Region One. At the six northwest Montana check stations through Sunday, November 23, a total of 14, 194 hunters checked 879 white-tailed deer (766 of these were bucks) as compared to 842 whitetails last year). Also in the count were 124 mule deer, and 43 elk for an overall 7.4 percent rate of hunters with game. Harvest was up slightly as compared to last year when 6.7 percent of hunters checked game. Hunter numbers are down about six percent as compared to last year.

(Region 1 - Hunting)

White-Tailed Deer Harvest Up In West-Central Montana


White-tailed deer harvest picked up markedly at the Bonner Check Station in the fourth week of the general big game hunting season, and whitetail harvest remained higher than last year’s pace at the Anaconda and Darby Check Stations in west-central Montana.

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