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    CHANGES FOR 2020

    License year begins March 1

    As the current license year is winding down, hunters and anglers can look for a few immediate changes for the coming year.

    The new license year starts on March 1, which means that is the day you can buy your 2020 hunting and fishing licenses and begin applying for permits and special licenses.

    The deadline to apply for deer and elk permits is April 1. Hunters should keep other changes in mind as they look to apply this year.

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    Upcoming GBAC meeting in Libby

    The public is invited to the next meeting of the Governor’s Grizzly Bear Advisory Council in Libby on Feb. 26-27.

    On Feb. 26 from 5-6:30 p.m., the meeting will feature an extended opportunity for the public to share ideas and questions related to the council’s purpose and emerging ideas.

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    Boat Validation Decals

    Owners of motorboats, sailboats or personal watercraft need to get new, free 2020-2023 validation decals for their watercraft soon.

    The current green decals will expire February 29.

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    Report Hunting Violations

    Poachers are not hunters. They're criminals. And they're stealing your hunting opportunites.

    Report violations online or make the call to 1-800-TIP-MONT (1-800-847-6668).

Surplus nonresident elk combination licenses:

Surplus nonresident elk combination licenses have sold out. For those experiencing problems with purchasing Surplus Elk Combo licenses, please be aware that FWP is working with the payment vendor to correct the issue as quickly as possible. We will post additional information as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience.

On Monday, May 6, 394 surplus nonresident elk combination licenses will be available to purchase (includes elk, upland game bird, fishing and conservation licenses). These are from returned licenses.

We anticipate the licenses selling out rapidly starting at 5:00 a.m. MDT. Select "Buy a License" from our homepage at that time to get the process started.

Online Licensing Outage Notification:

FWP’s online license applications will be unavailable from Friday, May 31, beginning at 9 p.m., until Saturday, June 1, at 6 a.m., due to a related service interruption with the Montana Department of Justice.

If you are attempting to purchase a license or apply for a Deer B, Elk B, Antelope or Antelope B license, you will need to do so outside of this service window.

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