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    Spring bear hunting season open April 15

    Montana's spring black bear hunting season is open and it’s important for hunters to refresh themselves on tips for identifying the difference between black bears and grizzly bears.

    All black bear hunters are reminded that they must successfully complete Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' bear identification test before purchasing a black bear license.

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    Certified Boater registration now available online

    Certified Boater registration for Tiber and Canyon Ferry Reservoirs can now be done online at

    The Certified Boater program is open to Montana residents who live east of the continental divide and who boat primarily on Canyon Ferry or Tiber Reservoir. As proof of Certified Boater designation, watercraft owners will receive decals to place on their boat and trailer..

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    2019 Fishing Newsletter

    The Fisheries Division produces an annual newsletter to show how the agency protects and enhances Montana's fishery resources and fishing opportunities.

    From cold water to warm water, big prairie rivers to high mountain lakes and fly-fishing to trolling, Montana offers angling opportunities for all to enjoy. Whether you’re seeking solitude, fish for the supper table or the trophy of a lifetime, you can find it here.

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    Deer, Elk & Antelope

    2019 Regulations

    The 2019 Deer/Elk/Antelope Regulations are available on the FWP website.

    Hunters will notice some changes to this year’s regulations. The regulations booklet has been reorganized and reformatted for better flow and clarity. In addition, the legal descriptions will be published in a separate booklet.

Surplus nonresident elk combination licenses:

Surplus nonresident elk combination licenses have sold out.

On Thursday, Nov. 1, 14 surplus nonresident elk combination licenses will be available (includes elk, upland game bird, fishing and conservation licenses). These are from returned licenses.

We anticipate the licenses selling out rapidly starting at 5:00 a.m. MDT. Select "Buy a License" from our homepage at that time to get the process started.

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