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FWP reminds small-stream anglers to be aware of operations


With spring comes fair weather fishing. And while the Western Fishing District must wait for the general fishing season opener on May 18, anglers in Montana’s Central and Eastern districts enjoy year-round access to most rivers and streams.

(Headquarters - Fishing )

Mud closes Grey Bear campground to vehicles


Part of the Grey Bear Fishing Access Site along the Yellowstone River west of Big Timber is restricted to walk-in traffic only because of hazardous road conditions.

(Region 5 - Fishing )

Flood damage repaired; Captain Clark FAS reopens


The Captain Clark Fishing Access Site on the Yellowstone River east of Pompeys Pillar reopened to all traffic Tuesday after crews replaced a collapsed culvert and repaired a flood-damaged road.

(Region 5 - Fishing )

FWP assesses conditions for spring trout stocking in ponds


With spring thaw occurring and significant snowmelt running through prairie streams, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks conducted a quick tour to evaluate potential for spring trout stocking in the Cherry Creek area of Prairie County in Region 7.

(Region 7 - Fishing )


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