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FWP Seeks Public Comment On Open Water Fishing Contests


Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is seeking public comment on fishing contests proposed for the open water season of 2016. Participants must comply with state fishing regulations, including daily and possession limits. Most contests require catch-and-release fishing and participants in these contests may not keep any fish.

(Headquarters - Fishing )

Lower Portion of Beaver Creek in Hill County Now Open


Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is reopening approximately 25 miles of lower Beaver Creek to both fishing and bait collection. Closure of the creek had taken place from Sept. 1- Nov. 15 as a result of planned dam repairs on Beaver Creek Dam being conducted by Hill County.

(Region 6 - Fishing )

Walleye Discovered in Swan Lake


Two walleye were caught in Swan Lake last week during FWP gill net sampling operations, according to FWP Region One Fisheries Manager Mark Deleray. Deleray noted that these were the first walleye reported from Swan Lake, and it is assumed that these fish originated from an illegal fish introduction. Illegal fish introductions have caused problems in hundreds of waters across the state, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to rectify. In most cases, the illegal introduction cannot be undone often leading to lost fishing opportunity. In this case, walleye are highly predacious and could impact the native bull trout as well as the kokanee salmon fishery in Swan Lake.

(Region 1 - Fishing )

Closing of Beaver Creek in Hill County to be Extended Until Nov. 15


Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks will be extending the closure of approximately 25 miles of lower Beaver Creek to both recreational fishing and bait collection. The original plans were to have the creek closed for approximately 45 days; from Sept. 1-Oct. 31. The extension will close the creek through Nov. 15, 2015.

(Region 6 - Fishing )

Future Fisheries Program Grant Deadline - November 30


Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks reminds landowners, watershed groups, and others that this winter’s deadline to apply for Future Fisheries Improvement Program grants is November 30.

(Headquarters - Fishing )


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