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“Wildlife Wonders” workshop part of Kid’s Kollege


Youths will have the opportunity to learn about the area’s wildlife during a “Wildlife Wonders” workshop on Wednesday, June 29 from 10-11:30 a.m. at Miles City’s Region 7 Fish, Wildlife & Parks headquarters. The workshop is part of Miles Community College’s Kid’s Kollege summer offerings.

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Paddlefish Season to Close Friday in Yellowstone River, Missouri River Below Fort Peck Dam


The large pulse of water that paddlefish angers had hoped to see in the Yellowstone River earlier in the season could finally be on its way. It should be enough to put anglers close to the harvest cap of 1,000 fish, so the harvest season will close on Friday at 9 p.m. at Intake Fishing Access Site and in the Yellowstone River and Missouri River below the Fort Peck Dam.

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Still Opportunity to Harvest a Paddlefish


Anglers still have the opportunity to harvest a paddlefish in Montana. At the end of Saturday, Region 7 Fisheries Manager Mike Backes estimated that 842 paddlefish have been harvested in the whole fishery in the Yellowstone River and in the Missouri River below Fort Peck Dam. The harvest cap is 1,000 fish.

(Headquarters - Fishing )

Surge in Yellowstone River not enough to help anglers reach harvest cap


Anglers at Intake Fishing Access Site on the Yellowstone River were hoping that an expected surge last Wednesday in the river would bring spawning paddlefish in large numbers for the Memorial Day weekend, but Mother Nature wasn’t quite cooperating.

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