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Anglers need to be aware of the laws regarding the transport of live fish, which varies by fishing district.
(Headquarters - Fishing - 07/23/2014)

At least nine trailered boats checked recently at Montana's roadside watercraft inspection stations have been found to be transporting live fish, which is illegal in Montana's Western and Central Fishing Districts.
(Headquarters - Fishing - 07/23/2014)

The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission approved removing the angling creel limits in Camas Lake effective immediately through Aug. 3.
(Region 4 - Fishing - 07/15/2014)

The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission approved removing the angling creel limits for one-half mile of Elkhorn Creek on the Beartooth Wildlife Management Area through Aug. 15.
(Region 4 - Fishing - 07/15/2014)

A popular Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Region 6 program that allows children to check out free fishing rods and tackle is in full swing again this year.
(Region 6 - Fishing - 07/14/2014)

The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission approved removing the angling creel limits for Koessler Lake in the South Fork of the Flathead River Drainage effective immediately through August 31. The effort is a part of the South Fork Flathead Westslope Cutthroat Conservation Project. Koessler Lake will be treated in September to remove hybrid trout, and then restocked with pure westslope cutthroat trout next summer. This regulation change allows anglers to remove as many fish as possible this summer prior to the treatment.
(Region 1 - Fishing - 07/14/2014)

The boat ramp at McWenneger Slough Fishing Access Site will be closed starting Monday July 14th for repairs. The project will put in a concrete boat ramp to replace the rutted and bumpy gravel ramp. The rest of the site will remain open. The ramp will be closed periodically during the period from July 14th to August 15th. For questions, call Tony Powell, Fishing Access Site Coordinator, at 751-4423.
(Region 1 - Fishing - 07/11/2014)

In the coming weeks, FWP will follow up on the recent northern pike discovery in Lake Mary Ronan. According to FWP Region One Fisheries Manager Mark Deleray, biologists will conduct sampling in an effort to confirm pike presence and distribution, and determine if the illegal introduction has resulted in the establishment of a pike population in the lake. Sampling will include beach seining and gill nets. “We will be trying to confirm whether or not any reproduction has occurred,” Deleray said. These actions are called for in a new Fish and Wildlife Commission policy on illegal fish introductions. Deleray noted that in annual summer sampling to date, no pike have been captured in FWP monitoring nets regularly set at the lake.
(Region 1 - Fishing - 07/11/2014)

Two northern pike were caught in Lake Mary Ronan on June 26 by an angler from Missoula who was trolling. The first fish was lost at the boat, and the second fish was caught and kept. The angler immediately took the fish to Camp Tuffit were he was staying. The camp owner called FWP Warden Ron Howell who picked up the fish and gave it to FWP fisheries biologists.
(Region 1 - Fishing - 07/01/2014)

Project status: The South Fork Flathead Cutthroat Conservation Project has been systematically removing non-native fish and replacing them with pure westslope cutthroat. The goal has been to maintain the world class genetically pure westslope cutthroat fishery in the South Fork Flathead River Drainage. FWP Project Biologist Matt Boyer reports that 12 mountain lakes have been successfully chemically treated and an additional 6 lakes are being genetically swamped and may not require chemical treatment. Only three lakes remain on the original list of 21 encompassed by the project in the South Fork Flathead Drainage.
(Region 1 - Fishing - 06/30/2014)

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