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Future Fisheries Program grant deadline is May 31


Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks reminds landowners, watershed groups and others that this summer’s deadline to apply for Future Fisheries Improvement Program grants is May 31

(Headquarters - Fish & Wildlife )

Montana's special drawing deadlines


Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' deadlines to apply for special license drawings is May 1 for bison, moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat; and June 1 for the elk B, deer B and antelope license drawings.

(Headquarters - Hunting )

FWP reminds small-stream anglers to be aware of operations


With spring comes fair weather fishing. And while the Western Fishing District must wait for the general fishing season opener on May 18, anglers in Montana’s Central and Eastern districts enjoy year-round access to most rivers and streams.

(Headquarters - Fishing )

Citizen workgroup to discuss Upper Missouri River Reservoir Management Plan


A citizen workgroup will meet Tuesday, April 23, at 10 a.m. to help FWP update the Upper Missouri River Reservoir Fisheries Management Plan. The management plan guides fisheries management for Canyon Ferry, Hauser and Holter reservoirs and Missouri River sections from Toston to Canyon Ferry and below Hauser Dam.

(Headquarters - Councils & Committees News )


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