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Hailstorm pummels Big Lake WMA waterfowl


A hailstorm that flattened crops, broke windows and wrecked roofs and vehicles throughout the region Sunday also killed and maimed more than 11,000 waterfowl and wetland birds at the Big Lake Wildlife Management Area west of Molt.

(Region 5 - Fish & Wildlife )

New reservation dates for some Block Management Areas in Region 7


For the majority of Block Management Areas allowing public hunting in Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Region 7 this fall, sportsmen and women can begin calling to make reservations on Thursday, Aug. 22. But for some properties, people will have to call on different dates to schedule a hunt this season.

(Region 7 - Hunting )

FWP seeks public comment on two items


Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is taking public comment on the proposed 2020 Elk Management in Areas with Brucellosis Annual Work Plan and the biennial season setting process for the 2020-2021 hunting seasons.

(Headquarters - Fish & Wildlife )

FWP invites citizens panel, legislators on summer field trip


Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Region 7 invited its Citizens Advisory Council members and area legislators on a summer field trip Aug. 7 to visit the North Sunday Creek Conservation Easement just northwest of Miles City.

(Region 7 - Councils & Committees News )

FWP releases study on elk movement in the Elkhorn Mountains


HELENA – The mountain pine beetle infestation in the Elkhorn Mountains, south of Helena, changed the habitat for the elk herd living there, but it is only one component determining elk use on the landscape.

(Headquarters - Fish & Wildlife )

FWP Hosting Fishing Regulation Open Houses in Northwest Montana


Kalispell, MT — Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks will host open houses across the state, including northwest Montana, to share information and gather public comment on proposed changes to the statewide fishing regulations.

(Region 1 - Fishing )

FWP announces fishing regulation open houses


Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks will host open houses across the state to gather input on proposed fishing regulations. The department will present regulation proposals to the Fish and Wildlife Commission in Missoula on Aug. 15 and will accept public comment on the regulations from Aug. 19 through Sept. 15.

(Headquarters - Fishing )


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