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Montana's special drawing deadlines

Mon Apr 24 15:51:10 MDT 2017

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' deadlines to apply for special license drawings is May 1 for bison, moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat; and June 1 for the elk B, deer B and antelope license drawings.

(Headquarters - Hunting )

Upland Game Bird Council to meet in Helena

Mon Apr 24 15:48:55 MDT 2017

An advisory council who presented their recommendations on a long-range strategic plan for FWP’s Upland Game Bird Enhancement Program in 2012 will meet in Helena May 8 - 9 to participate with program planning efforts for the 2017 field season. The meeting will be held at FWP’s Montana WILD, 2668 Broadwater Avenue Helena, Montana, beginning Monday at 8:00 a.m.

(Headquarters - Councils & Committees News )

Commission to take up Quiet Waters Initiative

Mon Apr 24 15:48:09 MDT 2017

The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission will take action on the Quiet Waters rule proposal in a special meeting May 12.

(Headquarters - Commission )

Mountain biking in grizzly country, be prepared

Mon Apr 24 15:47:01 MDT 2017

Imagine you’re riding hard down a mountain trail. The thrill of the tight trees, narrow trail and fast speed is undeniable and invigorating. As the trail you’re on weaves around a thicket of alder and huckleberries there’s a sow grizzly and two small cubs.

(Headquarters - Recreation News )

Man Pleads Guilty to Poaching Trophy Mule Deer in Uptown Butte

Fri Apr 21 11:45:35 MDT 2017

A poaching case which drew local attention and outrage is now closed. A 20-year-old Butte man pled guilty this week to killing the trophy mule deer buck that was left mortally wounded on North Main Street in Uptown Butte in September of 2016.

(Region 3 - Enforcement )

Fish and Wildlife Commission Ruled on Proposed No-Wake Zones in Fort Peck Area

Thu Apr 20 10:56:11 MDT 2017

The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission held a meeting on Friday, April 14 at Montana Wild in Helena, and took up a wide array of issues including final decisions on several no-wake zone proposals. Two of these proposals were in the Fort Peck area; one in Fort Peck Reservoir in Duck Creek Bay, and one in the Fort Peck Dredge Cuts.

(Region 6 - Commission )

Catch Cards are Catching on with Bull Trout Fishermen

Thu Apr 20 08:38:27 MDT 2017

For many traditional western Montana anglers, it was a sad day in 1998 when they learned Bull Trout, Montana’s largest native trout, were being added to the Federal list of Threatened Species under the Endangered Species Act. Opportunities to take home the biggest trout many people will ever catch in their lives or perhaps enjoy the occasional palate-pleasing sensation of smoked Bull Trout seemed to be going away forever.

(Region 1 - Fishing )

More swift foxes observed in area; reporting urged

Thu Apr 20 08:28:28 MDT 2017

The swift fox is an elusive animal, but in recent years more sightings of these small, gray-red foxes with black-tipped tails have been reported in southcentral Montana.

(Region 5 - Fish & Wildlife )


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