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Mountain Lion Hunting to Close in HD’s 312 & 393 >

January 12

The hunting of all mountain lions in southwestern Montana hunting districts 312 and 393, which include portions of Gallatin, Park and Meagher counties, will close at one-half hour after sunset on Wednesday, January 13, 2021.

Female Mountain lion hunting to close in districts 411 & 412 >

January 11

The hunting of female mountain lions in north central Montana hunting districts 411 and 412, which includes portions of Golden Valley, Fergus, and Judith Basin counties, shall close at one-half hour after sunset on Monday, January 11, 2021.

FWP and partners release bighorn sheep in Little Belt Mountains >

January 11

50 sheep translocated from herd in Missouri River Breaks. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and partnering organizations and agencies captured and translocated bighorn sheep this month to an area of the Little Belt Mountains about 65 miles southeast of Great Falls.

Manley Ditch Rehabilitation EA >

January 8

The enclosed Environmental Assessment (EA) has been prepared to grant approval to the City of Bozeman (City) to construct a new Manley Ditch stormwater outfall within the FWP Cherry River Fishing Access site.