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Beaverhead Rock State Park

View this natural, historic rock formation that Sacagawea, a guide traveling with the Lewis & Clark Expedition, recognized as resembling the head of a swimming beaver.

About the Park

Resembling the head of a swimming beaver, this natural landmark is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The site may be viewed and photographed from a distance but is not directly accessible.

Sacagawea, a young Shoshone Indian guide traveling with the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1805, recognized this rock formation and knew that she may be in the vicinity of her relatives. The sighting gave the expedition hope that they may be able to find Native peoples from which to acquire horses for their trip across the mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

Meriwether Lewis, August 8, 1805 wrote:
"The Indian woman recognized the point of a high plain to our right which she informed us was not very distant from the summer retreat of her nation on a river beyond the mountains which runs to the west. This hill she says her nation calls the beaver's head from a conceived resemblance of its figure to the head of that animal. She assures us that we shall either find her people on this river or on the river immediately west of its source, which from its present size cannot be very distant."

Beaverhead Rock State Park is located 16 miles North of Dillon off Mt Hwy 41. This site is very primitive. There is a small parking area, but no other amenities. Visitors can hike to the top of the rock to view the Beaverhead valley and surrounding mountain ranges. 


  • Cultural
  • Heritage
  • History
  • Lewis And Clark
  • Photography
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Hiking


Some amenities are seasonal. Check with the park for availability.

  1. Pack-in/Pack-out

Seasons & Hours

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Open all year. No winter maintenance on road into the park.

Potable water

Visitor Center

Alerts & Closures

Restrictions and Closures

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Park Rules

  • No overnight camping
  • No hunting
  • No trapping
  • No shooting

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Contact the park manager for open volunteer positions at Beaverhead Rock State Park.

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Montana Residents

  • Montana residents who pay the $9 state parks fee with their annual vehicle registration have no daily entrance fees to state parks. For residents who don't include this in their vehicle registration, non-resident day use fees apply.


  • Day use entrance fee with a vehicle: $8
  • Day use entrance fee as a walk-in, bicycle or bus passenger: $4
  • With a Nonresident Entrance Pass: Free

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Beaverhead Rock State Park
c/o Bannack State Park
4200 Bannack Rd
Dillon, MT 59725

Phone: 406-834-3413

Recreate Responsibly

Tips to stay safe while getting outdoors

To keep our state parks safe and accessible to all, make sure you know before you go, practice physical distancing, plan ahead, play it safe, explore locally, leave no trace, respect wildlife, and do your part to build an inclusive outdoors. 

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Beaverhead Rock State Park


62 Beaverhead Rock Road
Twin Bridges, MT 59754
(45.38333 / -112.46090)

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Meet The Park Manager

Milo Root

Milo Root, who is originally from Conrad, Montana, and his wife Andrea recently moved to Bannack from Michigan. Milo is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and spent 7 years in the field of parks and recreation throughout the State of Michigan. He served as Recreational Coordinator for the City of Portland, Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Bridgman, and Parks Supervisor for the City of Muskegon. 

Mailing Address:
Bannack State Park
721 Bannack Rd
Dillon, MT 59725

Phone: 406-834-3413

Photo of Park Manager, Milo Root