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Aerial view of Madison River

Restrictions & Closures Current Waterbody Restrictions

Drought related fishing closures and hoot owl restrictions related to environmental conditions.

Hoot Owl Fishing Restriction prohibits fishing each day between 2 p.m. and midnight. 

Fishing Closure prohibits any fishing on the stretch of water specified.




Emergency closure from mile: 485.6 to 495.5 beginning July 2, 2022

From the Mayor's Landing Fishing Access Site to Sheep Mountain Fishing Access Site

The Yellowstone River is closed to all recreational use from the Mayor's Landing Fishing Access Site to the Sheep Mountain Fishing Access Site. The Highway 89 bridge trestle, which crosses the Yellowstone River, is at risk of structural failure and collapse.

This rule will remain in effect until the department determines that the affected area of the Yellowstone River is again safe for public occupancy and recreational use. Signs closing the river will be removed when the rule is no longer effective.

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