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Migratory bird art graphic

Conservation > Habitat 2024 Migratory Bird Stamp

The new Migratory Bird Stamp brings a renewed emphasis by FWP on wetland habitat and the importance of wetlands to wildlife and working lands. 

Anyone who purchases a Montana Migratory Bird Hunting License will receive the new Montana Migratory Bird Stamp. Hunters will still need a Federal Duck Stamp and a Montana Migratory Bird License to hunt migratory birds in Montana. The Montana stamp is a non-regulatory, collectible sticker that FWP is distributing to bring new emphasis to wetland habitat and the importance of intact wetlands to wildlife and working lands.

Anyone who purchases a Montana Migratory Bird License will receive the sticker, a postcard with information about the Migratory Bird Wetland Program, and information about how to make additional contributions. Proceeds from license sales will support wetland habitat conservation and restoration.

The sticker and postcard are not available at front counters at FWP offices. 

The winner of the 2024 Montana Migratory Bird Stamp Contest is John Nelson Harris.

John Nelson Harris is the designer of over a dozen conservation prints and stamps. As a hunter and wildlife artist, he believes deeply in the conservation of wildlife and their habitats. Over the years, John’s artwork has raised tens of thousands of dollars for many conservation groups throughout the United States.

Although many of his painting techniques are self-taught, his artistic skills were honed by years of formal training. He attended Brevard Community College before receiving a Bachelor’s of Arts and a Fine Arts degree from the College of Fine Arts at the University of Florida, graduating with Honors in 1984.

More recently, John’s other painting designs have been selected for many state duck stamps including two California duck stamps and two Louisiana waterfowl stamps, the Oklahoma duck stamp, and the current Washington state duck stamp.